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Lead your tribe in Wanderers.io to destroy other player's tribes! Having more minions will make your tribe stronger but at the cost of slowing it down. Team with other tribes to raise your chances of survival!

Control your tribe

You don't directly control your tribe units: they are smart and will automatically interact with the environment around them, for example: hunting and farming wood. So all you have to do is equip them with items and move them near objects that you want them to perform actions!


Cut tree with an axe to get wood that will be needed to buy tools and build campires

Hunting & food

Hunt animals to get meat and find mushrooms: food will be needed to heal your minions and recruit new minions Be careful with the mushrooms: some are poisonous and will hurt your minions.


Buying new tools will cost you gold, get gold by mining rocks all around the map.

Recruit minions

You can recruit up to 6 minions, they will cost food, the price goes up for each minion that you recruit and keep in mind that the bigger your tribe gets, the slower you travel.

XP points & score

Killing other players and hunting will give you EXP points and raise your score: they will be needed to get new lore.

Tools & weapons

  • Axe: minions with axe will cut trees
  • Bow: minions with bow will hunt animals and do a ranged attack
  • Campfire: minions near a campfire will be healed
  • Buildings

    Some buildings will allow you to trade stuff, get near them if needed.


    Look for clouds and get under them when needed, they will heal all your minions!


  • See game description
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