How to play game
6955 played · #multiplayer, #io, #shooting, #fighting is an awesome multiplayer platform shooter where ninjas fight each others to death! What makes this game so cool is that you can do ninja tricks while firingyour weapon! Choose between the different mods to start playing:


In deathmatch, everyone has to kill each others! Capture the flag In capture the flag, you have to go get the flag of the other team and bring it back to your base. There is the blue and red team.

Choose your Primary weapon

  • Shotgun: Blast multiple bullets are other players, low range
  • Rifle: Long range automatic
  • SMG: Automatic, shoot fast, reload fast
  • M79: M79 is a grenade launcher that blast everyone around
  • Barrett: Barrett is a sniper that will kill in 1 hit, slow reloading
  • Shock rifle: Shock rifle will shoot electric balls that bounce and death shock players
  • Pulse gun: Pulse gun will shoot bullets with high velocity that bounce around and smash players
  • Flame thrower: Burn other players to death
  • Laser gun:
  • Shoots laser bullets to pierce players

    Choose your secondary weapon

  • Chainsaw: Cut other players flesh
  • RPG: Rocket launcher
  • Soccer ball:
  • Shield?


  • WASD or ARROWS: move
  • MOUSE: aim
  • LEFT-CLICK: shoot
  • RIGHT-CLICK: fly
  • F: throw weapon
  • S: roll, crouch
  • X: prone
  • Q: switch weapon
  • W: jump
  • W + S: throw flag
  • V: show scores
  • E: grenade
  • R: reload
  • G: weapon menu
  • T: chat
  • H: help
  • /: start command
  • /spec: spectacle
  • /join: join
  • /kill: suicide
  • /clients: list clients
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